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Some Recent Chocolate Creations

Explore our irresistible chocolate product gallery, where a divine assortment of handcrafted treats awaits to delight your taste buds and captivate your chocolate-loving soul.
Hot Pink “Barbie”, or Pink Sparkle, or Pink and Red Sparkle Strawberries - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Custom Hot Pink "Barbie" Chocolate Strawberries
Custom Fully Molded Chocolate Oreos With Printed Image
Chocolate Fruit Bouquet
Delicious Hand Made Truffles
Party Platters of Custom Strawberries
Wide Variety of Fresh Fruit Bouquets
Sports Themed Strawberries
Pastel Colored Strawberries
Chocolate High Heel Stiletto Shoe, Great For Valentines or Mothers Day - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Hand Made Chocolate High Heel With Strawberry Truffles
Chocolate Record - Just for the record, I Love You - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Hand Crafted Chocolate Record
Custom Printed Oreo With Milk Chocolate. All Edible
Chocolate Fruit Bouquet
Georgia State Chocolate And Peach
Custom Printed Chocolate Bar Surrounded By Assorted Chocolates
Special Celebration Box. We Can Custom Print On Chocolate
Lots of Varieties of Chocolate Covered Trays
Valentine's Pretzel Knots (3 Pack) - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Chocolate Covered Large Pretzel Knots With Decorations
Fresh Truffles!
Custom Molded Chocolate Covered Oreos With Georgia Logo
Berries Under The Sea - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Under The Sea Strawberries
Pecan and Caramel Dark Chocolate Turtles - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Dark Chocolate and Caramel Pecan Turtles
Beautiful Marzipan
Non-Dairy Chocolate Covered Popcorn - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Chocolate Covered Popcorn
Custom Printed Chocolate Bar With Assorted Chocolates
Fresh Made White Chocolate Covered Strawberries
White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bombs - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Hot Cocoa Bombs!
Hand Made Dark Chocolate S’mores - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Dark Chocolate Handmade S'more
Large Chocolate Bar With Custom Printed Atlanta Skyline In Edible Ink
Custom Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Chocolate Letters
Custom Chocolate Bar With Printed Logo
Custom Strawberries for Dad
Almond Toffee Crunch
Custom Made Pink "Baby Feet" Chocolates
Smiles Chocolate and Fruit Arrangement
Happy Birthday Fruit Platter
Assortment With Birthday Molded Oreo
It's A Girl Fruit Bouquet
Fall Fresh Fruit Bouquet
Spring Fruit Platter
Hanukkah Assortment, One or Two Pounds - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe
Happy Hanukkah Assortment

Customize Your Chocolate Creation

Find inspiration and bring your unique design to life! Our chocolatiers can create amazing things. Let your imagination run wild!

Allergen Friendly Vegan Oreos 2 Pack - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe

Allergen Friendly Vegan Oreos 2 Pack

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Chocolate Platter With Pretzels Bark Turtles Marzipan Truffles - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory

Truffle, Turtles, and More Party Platter

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2024 Fruit Bouquet - Chamberlains Chocolate Factory & Cafe

2024 Fruit Bouquet

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